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Nothing is better on a little hangover Sunday drive when a sweet little cute teenager tries to catch a ride. Our two friends here gave her the ride of her life. They drove off to a discreet location and got their way with her. Poor girl got forced to taking both cocks ball deep in her little wet tight pussy. Her sweet mouth was filled with cock making her gag and cry. The abuse ended when they gave her a nice wet sticky facial as a farewell gift.
Kenneth and Mary always had a fantasy about forcing a girl to fuck together. First they forced her to fuck right on the hood of the car. She cried and begged for mercy. Mary forced her to lick her pussy while Kenneth big cock rammed in and out of her pussy and ass. Kenneth got Mary to throat gag the little teen anal slut. She spit and cried but Mary was in a evil mood and just made the bitch take the cock even deeper.

This little slut had been a real tease! One day he followed her home and forced her into her bedroom. He ripped off all her clothes. He enjoyed listening to her cries of pain when he jammed his cock inside her wet pussy. 'She likes it he thought', and then tried to forced his cock up her little pink asshole. It was tighter than tight, he almost could not get it in. She cried and begged for mercy while he fucked her asshole violently.



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